The Polo Shirt: 3 Ways to Wear It

bigmenpoloWEBThe polo shirt is a trans-seasonal staple every man should own, no matter your size or build – the polo shirt is a versatile item that anyone can wear. Here’s three ways to rock it:


Traditionally, the polo shirt is associated with being casual wear, but the beauty of the polo shirt is that it can be dressed down or up!

Dressing it up is quite easy, simply slip on a suit blazer on top of your polo as a replacement for the dress shirt. Just keep it sensible, opt for neutral solid colours rather than patterned styles and bright hues. Tucking your shirt in is optional, although not having it tucked in can make it look a touch more laid back.

Remember to make sure you visit the tailor to ensure your suit blazer and trousers are the perfect fit for you!


Did we mention how versatile the polo shirt is? If you need to look good but not serious, team the polo shirt up with a sports jacket, neutral colours are still best; think beige, grey and black and some straight cut trousers and you’re good to go.

You can add some light colours with your polo shirt or subtle patterns. Accessorise with a classic timepiece on your wrist to breathe some life into your look.


Need to go meet a friend for a quick lunch or grab some groceries? The polo shirt is perfect for those quick runs you need to make during the day. Just slip on the shirt with some straight cut black jeans or beige chinos – add a splash of colour to your look by opting for a blue or orange polo shirt, particularly during the warmer weekends.

How to Look After Your Jeans

tumblr_mmbyhnyf001s1xhn9o1_500Caring for your favourite pair of jeans doesn’t have to be a big hassle, there is a few simple steps you can take in order to prolong the longevity of your jeans.


Just like with a fine suit, resist the urge to wash your jeans often. The general rule of thumb is once every five to six months. The chemicals used when you wash your clothes wear away the indigo fibers and you’re left with colourless streaks where your jeans crease; which is normally behind the knees and around the crotch.

When you do wash them, turn the jeans inside out, use a mild detergent and water that is a bit cooler than lukewarm. In the meantime, clean up any spills and stains right away with a damp cloth.

You could clean your jeans more often by throwing them straight in the freezer. It’s not as strange as you think, there’s actually some logic to it. The sub zero temperature kills off any bacteria and rejuvenates your pants.

Getting Rid of Odours

There’s a few tricks you can do to keep your denims smelling like the day you bought them. The easiest way to neutralize odours would be to hang them up on the clothesline and let them air out naturally, but remember not to leave them out in direct sunlight but rather in the shade.

Alternatively, when you take a long hot shower, hang them in your bathroom to let the steam unlock and dispose of any questionable smells.

The freezer method also helps in this department, since the freezer kills the bacteria, it takes care of the smell which is ultimately the cause of the scent.

Additional Tips

Looking after your own skin can actually help preserve your jeans – one of the main sources of odour and dirt on your clothes is actually dead skin cells and bacteria that you shed. So it’s not a bad idea to pick up the habit of exfoliating with a simple exfoliating glove, it’ll keep your skin smooth and your clothes clean, for longer!

Winter Layer for Big and Tall Men


One of the most important things to remember when you’re layering for winter is to avoid placing the emphasis on your waistline. Don’t overdo it with layers of clothing that’ll turn you into a ball of fabric.

The easiest way to keep it simple is to choose your materials wisely so that you’ll ultimately be able to wear less, whilst keeping warm – wools and acrylics are your winter friends.

Slip into a polo shirt or a neutral long sleeved shirt and then layer on a well-fitting jacket for added warmth. Remember to stay true to your size and don’t go the next size up! Or skip the jacket and pair up a knitted V-neck jumper with straight cut jeans. The less busy it is, the better.

Hues and Designs

It’s common knowledge by this point that black is the go to colour for any big and tall person – black is slimming and takes the focus away from your figure. However, don’t be afraid to add a little splash of colour to your wardrobe, as long as you keep it sensible. Loud, bright, fluorescent colours are probably not the best choice. The safe bet would be calm and slightly darker hues like burgundy, charcoal, dark blues and purples.

The good thing about the chilly season is that even if you do wear a bright patterned tee, you can then put a dark blazer on top to achieve a good balance.


Always ensure that your jackets are firm in their shape to give your silhouette a good structured look, particularly around the shoulders.

Even though it’s always advised to wear V necks or unbutton the top of your dress shirt to elongate your neck, there’s no reason you can’t throw on a scarf to keep you warm – keep it nice and loose if you still want to show off a bit of skin.

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Style Tips for Big and Tall Men


Shopping for clothes and styling can be pretty tricky for any man, regardless if you’re big, small, tall or short. But today we’re sharing our top styling tips for the big and tall men out there:

Know your measurements and size

Once you know your precise measurements (your chest, neck, waist, etc) shopping becomes a breeze no matter what size you are. It’s vital to know your size because nothing complements a figure more than a well fitting outfit.

Avoid buying the next size up! An oversized shirt or baggy pants makes you seem bigger than you actually are – not only will it look like you’re swimming in your clothes, but it’ll also look very unflattering.

Also, as we’ve mentioned before, your local tailor is there to help – just because you’re a plus size, doesn’t mean you don’t need any taking in. The general rule of thumb is to have your shirt sitting a couple of inches past your hips, and should you need to tuck it in, a pair of suspenders do wonders over a belt.

Styles to Suit You

Everyone has their own taste, but here are a few key rules to remember;

Vertical pinstripes are your friend, they make an observer’s eye go up and down quickly which makes you seem taller rather than wider – something every man strives for.

Avoid big bold graphics or anything that adds volume, opt for light subtle designs. In addition, it’s better to wear strong and fitting clothes that make you look clean and sharp rather than draped soft materials.

Just like with everyone else, your ankles will always be thinner than your waist – when you’re choosing your pants, grab the straight cut to achieve a more streamlined look!

Own it with confidence

Being a large man doesn’t have to mean round and soft, you have the potential to be powerful, strong and imposing.

Take advantage of blazers with nice firm shoulders to give you a definite shape. Wear a pair of shoes that have a bit of a heel in them or grab a hat to give you some extra height.

Don’t overlook your personal grooming habits, they are crucial in the impression you give off. A nice, neat goatee or a bit of a stubble to sharpen your jaw line can go a long way.

Accessorise boldly with some chunky watches to give you proportion with your look.

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Casual Friday – how to avoid a wardrobe malfunction

Casual Friday guide for big & tall menFor most people working in a corporate or office environment casual Friday, also known as dress-down Friday, comes as a welcome reprieve from strict business attire. But as anyone who has watched the casual Friday episode of the US version of The Office will know, it can mean many things to many people and can so easily go badly wrong.

So what are the options and what are the do’s and don’ts to avoid a career defining moment?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. After all, the whole point of casual Friday is that it offers more freedom to express your individual style. It also depends largely on the industry or profession you work in and the culture of your specific workplace.

To maintain a degree of professionalism, many companies’ HR departments have drafted policy guidelines on what is and isn’t acceptable, but here are some pretty obvious no-no’s.

Keep the beachwear (thongs, shorts, crew neck Tshirts and singlets) for the weekend. Also avoid runners and any kind of sports gear – though you might just get away with wearing team colours on the eve of a Grand Final weekend!

Casual Friday mistakes
Keep beachwear for the beach

So what can you wear?

As a general rule of thumb, if you choose casual for your top half, keep it a bit smarter below the belt. Alternatively, if you decide to keep it strictly business above the belt, relax a little with the pants.

So, one option is to mix ‘n match a more formal business shirt with a pair of jeans – particularly on jeans for genes day. But make sure the jeans are smart – avoid too skinny or too baggy and leave the old torn-at-the knees jeans for the weekend.

Geoffrey Beene and Nicholby & Harvard make a great range of 100% cotton business shirts in sizes ranging from 46 to 56. For jeans, choose between Chisel, Blazer, Gant and RM Williams. And if you want the ultimate in comfort, you can’t look past Brax and Eurex.

Casual Friday dress options
Casual Friday – above and below the belt

Another mix ‘n match option is to wear a more casual shirt with a pair of cotton chinos or even more formal dress pants. If this is your chosen option, best to stick with long sleeve shirts rather than short sleeve, even if it means rolling the sleeves up on warmer days.

Generally speaking, you should choose a slightly more classic fitting casual shirt. Blazer and Gant offer some great casual shirts for big & tall men. But if you need the room, RM Williams and Nautica will provide a more relaxed fit.

Of course the really big question when wearing a casual shirt, quite often foremost in the minds of bigger men: tail tucked in or left out? This really takes us back to the type of industry you are in and the company culture. If in doubt, take it to the TMO – ask your wife or partner.

In cooler months, a fine wool V neck sweater or vest and/or a smart sports jacket will work equally as well with all these options.

Regardless of which casual Friday outfit you choose, don’t ruin it with the wrong choice of shoes. RM Williams boots are a perennial favourite in Australia, but otherwise any smart pair of leather or even suede shoes will work.

Enjoy the opportunity to express your individual style, but make sure casual doesn’t become sloppy and maintain a degree of professionalism at all times. Finally, check your diary before dressing on a Friday morning… just in case you’ve scheduled a meeting with an important client or the bank manager and don’t let this happen to you…

Casual Friday gone wrong
But, I thought you said ‘boardie meeting’!

Lessons We Have Learnt From Superman


SupermanStanding at a full 6′ 1″, Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill, our latest Superman, is no slight bloke. As the most recent adaption of the Superman (Man of Steel) hit our screens in Sydney last night, we decided to take a moment to look back at our previous hero’s and what they have brought to the table.

For a little background, after first being introduced to cinemas in 1941 as series of animated cartoon shorts, and two serials in 1948 and 1950, the first Superman feature film, Superman and the Mole Men, was made and released in 1951. This starred the silver screens first Superman, George Reeves.

Standing at a Cavill height of 6’1″, Reeves was a big man for his time, especially in the acting world. Reportedly taking his new position as “role model” to generations of young children very seriously, Reeves became increasingly conscious of his public image,  even going as far as to quit smoking.                                                                                                                                               George Reeves

tall georgeo

During his down time, Reeves would oftern be pictured wearing a mix of formal casual/attire, which was fashionable at the time, usually consisting of knitted sweaters, over chinos, considerably suitable gear for the mild mannered Clark Kent, especially during the strict 1950s.

Moving forward to 1978, “Superman” (the movie) is released, starring Christopher Reeve.

Christopher Reeve was the epitome of all that is Clark Kent. With his tall and broad build, he was a ideal candidate for the 70s revival. During his time touring for the movies many premiers, Reeve became known for his love of sports coats and business shirts, keeping the clean living image of Kent alive and well.

He famously refused to wear fake muscles under the iconic suit, and instead went through an intense two-month training regimen, in addition he doubled his food intake adding over 14kg of muscle to his already broad frame. Standing at 6’4″ Reeves never looked under dressed, with his tailored suits on the red carpet making a lasting impression on his fans.

Christopher Reeve

christopher-reeve-640-altThis takes us to one of the most recent adaptions, the 2006 “Superman Returns” featuring Brandon Routh donning the iconic red and blue.

As a notably younger Superman than had been seen thus far, Routh tended to stick to laid back casual attire off the red carpet. Committing  to a uniform of jeans and a t–shirt, Routh appears to be the first of many to not attempt to replicate Clark Kents style at the end of a days shooting, rather choosing to express his own individuality.

                                                                                                                A casual Brandon Routh 


Which finally brings us, once again, to our recently released 2013 edition “Man of Steel“. Originally hailing from United Kingdom, Cavill made quite the impression at the Man Of Steel Sydney Premiere, arriving on the red carpet wearing a sharp three-piece pinstriped navy suit, tailored to perfection on his Clark Kent Frame.

All in all, each interpretation of this celebrated DC Comic has brought a new face and style to the screen, with each expressing a individual flair and connection to the mild-mannered, well dressed Clark Kent.

Blog Writing By Alexandra Jones-Best 

The Man-drobe: Building the Ultimate Closet.

As the Wallabies devastating loss to the British and Irish Lions over the weekend established, there are some things in life which are sadly, beyond our control.

The lasting impression we potentially leave in a chance encounter is however, not one of these things.

Being introduced to a potential employer, meeting that new mate with season tickets or just a stranger in the street, all these situations provide the opportunity to influence and impress.

Mad Men Style (below)


While, we all know how important first impressions can be, goes further to outline:

The moment that stranger sees you, his or her brain makes a thousand computations: Are you someone to approach or to avoid? Are you friend or foe? Do you have status and authority? Are you trustworthy, competent, likeable, and confident?”

While this statement may encourage a chorus of image crusaders to protest, the sad truth is, presenting a impressive exterior is paramount to getting to the next stage which allows the individual to dazzle with their persona. Even former FBI counter intelligence agent Joe Navarro blogs expansively on the power of presentation.

Researchers from NYU found that we make eleven major decisions about one another in the first seven seconds of meeting. These decisions are based almost entirely on visual impressions alone, therefore, taking your man-drobe seriously, is essential.

First Step: The Clean out.

If you read the above line and immediately had an inner panic attack, don’t stress. This process is less of a clean out and more of a culling of no longer essential items, like for example, that much-loved band shirt bought in your teens, which no longer resembles an item of clothing, or those ruggers from your rugby days, so stained their original color has long been forgotten.

Dean 1

To ensure you have a grasp on your man-drobe essentials, you must first see what you already own.  Be ruthless, lay out your items on a bed or any area which allows you to take a step back and look at them, and then cull any items you haven’t worn in over two years.

Separate the items you use religiously, and decide if they are due for a dry clean, or perhaps an upgrade. Any styles that you find yourself wearing over and over, look into purchasing similar styles and building up a collection of “go-to” outfits, which you know look impressive and most importantly, you feel comfortable in.

Second Step: The Essentials. 

The next step once you have edited down your current , now is the time to step back and see what you really need.

There will always be space for those ultimate comfy pants (the ones your partner keeps trying to mysteriously throw away), but in order to found a Man-drobe full of impression leaving outfits, there needs to be room for the essentials.

The Top Five:

1) A Navy Sports coat

Effortless, and timeless, this will take you through the years and is versatile enough to go with almost any outfit.

2) The Classic White Dress Shirt

Generally reserved for special occasions, a classic white dress shirt will ensure you are never caught under dressed, but don’t be afraid to pull this one out on the weekends: paired with cargo shorts, this makes for a classic and effortless impression.

3) The Everyday Shoe

These shoes can and have literally be worn with everything. They are comfy enough to support you through most social occasions and after they have been molded to your individual foot, guarantee you will find yourself making excuses to wear these babies.

4) Khaki Chinos

The backbone of any mans modern wardrobe, chinos make a fine alternative to jeans and offer a more versatile look that can be adjusted to meet the requirements of any occasion in virtually any climate. Lightweight and stylish, they can be matched with a simple t-shirt in summer or a matching jumper in winter.

5) A Simple Tie

Not too wide or too short, and in a classic color scheme. For big and tall men, it is essential to get a tie which is of the correct length and width, as incorrect measurements will be obvious. Ron Bennett Big Mens Clothing has a great selection to choose from.

Any one of these items will find themselves on high rotation in any Man-drobe, with preparing for any occasion becoming a pleasure rather than a stressful stand off with an over cluttered closet.

Blog Writing by Alexandra Jones Best

Our Top Pick Of The Week

Our Top Pick of the Week


Before we get into it, we would like to take a moment to remember this great man, James Joseph Gandolfini who recently, tragically passed away. He was and always will be a great actor, and style icon. He will not be forgotten. 1961-2013. Rest in Peace.

Pick of the Week:

Finding and buying a good winter coat is no small task. Good outerwear during the colder months needs to be versatile enough to be worn with everything — formal or casual — day or night — and still look good whilst keeping you from freezing.

With the weather well and truly committing to winter, why not beat the chill in our pick of the week: the ‘Blazer- Duffle Coat‘.

Duffle coat 2

Duffle 5.0     Duffle 4.0

It is interesting to note that the origins of the Duffle Coat can be traced back as far as 1887, when it was popularized during World War  Two.  A British purveyor of outerwear, John Partridge had began to design and offer the Duffle coat for sale only a few years later.

According to Gentleman’s Gazette, soon after World War Two, the Royal British navy was searching for a hard-wearing, sailor-proof coat, and so the British Admiralty commissioned the Duffle coat, which turned out to be a great success and was thereafter worn on military ships around the world.

Generals Bubbles Barker & Monty in a huge Duffel Coat                      

Sir David Stirling, founder of the SAS with Duffle Coat in the Desert

Our Blazer version of the Duffle coat is an undeniably great way to rug up throughout the cooler months. This black version of the coat from Blazer cuts a sharp, stylishly modern tone and is ideal to wear over a suit or dinner wear. Featuring a lace tie hoodie, two front pockets and two inner pockets, this versatile piece will never go out of fashion.

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Suits, Union and a Winning Mentality

Suits, Union and a Winning Mentality

With the Wallabies match against the British & Irish Lions looming ever closer, the focus on these players’ lives will intensify in the coming week both on and off the field.

Remarkably this year, the attention seems to be drawing too the teams personal appearance, as the two teams take the fight off the field and go head to head in the style stakes.

In a recent interview with TheDailyMail UK, British & Irish Lions Tour Manager, Andy Irvine, stated:

‘Everybody knows that the importance of a winning mentality in sport is paramount, and there are several factors that contribute to this. The 2013 Lions will be some of the best dressed sportsmen in the history of The Lions – and we believe that this winning mentality off the field will translate to a strong performance when the Four Nations come together as one on the field.’

Big-Men-Clothing High-and-Mighty-clothing
(L-R) Lions trio Tom Croft, Rob Kearney, Tommy Bowe   (fr) Richard Hibbard in his new Lions blazer

This is a challenge our Wallabies are sure to meet with passion, as they have proven in the past they are no stranger to style, stepping up to the fashion plate with their own arsenal of crisp tailoring, classic silhouettes and elements of bond-esk panache.

Israel Folau

For these men, as well as countless others across Australia, size is no longer their biggest asset when endeavoring to find suitable attire for their big night.

Having larger than average measurements (for e.g. Manu Tuilagi of the British Lions has a collar size measuring 20.5in and Welsh prop Adam Jones had a chest size spanning an impressive 51.5in), means that articles need to be tailored to allow for a comfortable fit.

With more Sports stars appearing in fashion campaigns, on the cover of style journals and branching out into their own businesses outside of sport, it is no wonder they are trying harder than ever to impress in the spotlight.

For the everyday man, this serves to highlight the growing demand for fashion which meets the big and tall standards of todays ‘Average Male’.

As the fashion industry slowly adapts to this change, durable, well-made clothes that are flattering and well cut become more essential than ever and when it comes to stylish clothes tailored to the king-sized man, Ron Bennett is the undisputed king.

But tailors and suits aside, with anticipation rising in the wake of the countdown to the first Test against the British and Irish Lions, the Wallabies are sure to prove a force to reckon with, both on and off the field.